Amazing : Burj Dubai

posted by Hasnul Azizi (-nEtPoSt-)

I've just found some interesting facts that really amazed me. The ' World's Tallest Building : Burj Dubai' is a real exciting things to be explore. Even the city and its skyscrapper now is still in construction but it will be almost done by the end of this year. Here are some picture of 'Burj Dubai' and I hope all of you enjoyed sightseeing Dubai City in my site. These picture I get from my e-mail via forwarded e-mail. Maybe some of you also receiving this picture in your inbox as well as me. Enjoy it...!!!

Here are some facts about 'Burj Dubai'
  • Height : 818 metres
  • Floors : 162
  • Construction start : 21st September 2004
  • Completion date : 20th December 2009

You can almost see the turn of the earth...!!!

Dubai City from the sky views

The city design was really unique

Luxury houses with its own swimming pool and beach

Want too see more...??

Click here or go to the official website of 'Burj Dubai'

p/s : I wonder who are going to live there though... Businessmen from all over the world maybe... What do you think...???

Hasnul Azizi


(to be) Ir. Nizam said...

tapi xle lawan mesia nyer petronas tower..
letak la tower tue dalam satu baris memanjang.. hehehehe..

Hasnul Azizi said...

tUh Laa yG Tun mahaThiR ckP...

mSe KLCC ciaP kn taiPei towEr da nK ciaP...

n diOrg Lagi tGGi...

riLek jeR Tun mahaThiR ckP kiTer Lg tinGGi aR...

kiTer aDe 2... diOrg aDe 1 je...

Lbey kurG cmTu aR koTt mksDnYe...