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This is the second time I've been tagged but this is also the first time I'm answering or giving response to those who tagged me. So after this who ever want to tagged me, I promise I'll answer those question. Haha...

To Z. Apik>

What is your nickname?
:: Hasnul, Chenoi, Nul, Zizi ( Zizi> yg neh ustaz aku jer yg pggil... )

Your mum calls you by this name...
:: Anul, Nul...

You are closer to your mother or father?
:: Father ( aBaH )

Your siblings calls you by this name...
:: Anul

You have someone special (bf/gf) in your heart.(Y/N)
:: Yes ( still in pRogRess...!!! )

List down 3 of your good behaviours.
i. Rajin wat kJer RumaH... ( bSuh piNGGan, msK aiR, kMas uMah... ~lalala )
ii. Kind-hearted, suKe bG pinJam duiT ( sameRLaa kiTe Apik... )
iii. Loyal ( setia pD yg saTu... :-) )

List down 3 of your bad behaviours.
i. Malas sTaDi ( paToT poiNter tRok... )
ii. suKe LepaK dLm tanDas LeLamEr...
iii. suKe menCHapaP, gLer kuaSe ( puBLic inTerFeRe... )

What is your favourite past times? Give 2.
i. mSe kT MRSM dLu2...
ii. zaman remaja..

Your favourite colours are? Give 5.
i. Biru
ii. Hijau
iii. Merah
iv. Kuning
v. Asal nK smPai 5... Lg bek aKu sbuT suMer kaLer yg ader kt duNia neh...

Song of your life is?
:: Didicazli - Dambaan Cinta, Aizat - Lagu Kita...

Name one person you admire the most.
:: Too many oF tHem... DuNNo wHich oNe is da Most...

Name one of your ex (nickname is allowed)
:: nil

The worst word/phrase cursed by you.
:: LahaNat, siAL, *#$@^$, ................

Who is the one you miss the most now?
:: mY dEar HaWa... miSz u so MucH...

Who is the one who ignores you most of the time?
:: makCik kLeanEr thE miNes ( coZ x kNaL kot... haHa... )

Who is the one who always keep you company?
:: memBer2 yg meManG rMai...

Name the model of your phone.
:: SE K530i ( aKu nk juaL, sape nK bLi...??? haHa... )

Name the model of your laptop.
:: HP Compaq V3614 AU ( saPer nK dRiver lapTop moDeL neH aKu aDer... )

Name one person you hate the most.
:: cHrisTiaNo roNaLdo ( kuat beRLakon gLer... Lg bek ko meN catUR... )

Name the person you love the most.
:: aLL oF my bLog foLLowers... tHanx yaa...

The situation you hate the most.
:: bLer aRi aHad xLeh tDo n ReHat...

One word describing yourself.
:: sTraiGht 2 da PoiNt...

What are you thinking now?
:: cuTi kNer poTonG, esOk Gi nasYid kt UiTM Segamat...

Classifies your friends as follows.
clever : naBiL ( my rooMaTe... )
naughty : aZroL ( haHa... )
hardworking : RiZaL ( my IC couRse )
funny : pakYa iTam...
sweet : fiKri haNis ( ngaN aweK diE haNNa... perGGh... )
unpredictable : daNiAL ( dak MRSM dLu... )
mysterious : naQib ( aLien koTt... )
kind : faiZZUdiN ( sLaLu toLong mmBer... )
caring : naBiL again ( beSe aR, rooMate kn... )
handsome : daK UPNM maNg enSem2... haHa...
beautiful : soMe oF TheM...
cute : MaEL ( saPe sTuJu...?? )
wild : aFiQ faRHan ( xLeh doK diAm... )
big : Lee Wei sHioNg... HaHa...
small : Ojie ( juniOr 2008 pLatoon... )

If you`re asked to shout, what will it be?
:: wOi, jaLanLaa...!! LemBap nK mamPos... ( neh mSe tRaffic LighT da hiJau tP keteR dPan wt deK jer x nK jLn... )
Repost this entry with answer of question above,tag n stab!
I'm taGGing :-
1. izan.tukang.kata
2. NOe's journal
3. Aida Shaharanee
4. Faraheen Hazirah
5. Nizam Mahmud
6. *me=life*
haPPy taGGinG... haHa...

Hasnul Azizi

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